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Are you looking to get lost in time and get a taste  of the Caribbean paradise?  When you feel the warm fine sand and the gentle cool breeze, witness the crystal-clear turquoise tranquil water, and nothing but a serene lush environment you know you have reached Culebra, Puerto Rico and ready for your amazing ADVENTURE.​​

Have the chance to enjoy swimming with the majestic Green sea turtles in their native sea grass beds in Tamarindo Beach while taking in the gorgeous scenery of Culebra and Cay Luis Peña.  Make sure you hold your snorkel tightly because speechlessness followed by excitement is a known effect after discovering the hidden secrets this wild refuge and unspoiled reefs hold within and seeing one of Culebra’s finest natural reserve’s marine flora and fauna. Grab your snorkeling gear (provided with tour) to see all the colorful fish, turtles, rays, stars, urchins, and the unique coral farm project CORALations conducted by students of the University of Puerto Rico and Sociedad Ambiente Marin (SAM).

                                                                                      Hope to see you...soon!



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