1 - How can I make Reservations?

You have two ways to make Reservations - Online or by giving us a call:

     - Click on the RESERVATIONS TAB and select from the various SEAventure tour packages.
     - Call us at  1 + (787) 529-3536  

For accuracy and quality purposes, we recommend and encourage you to make your reservations online and at least several days in advance.  We are open year round.  

2 - How long is the tour/trip (All times are averages)?

     - Airplane (San Juan to Culebra):  30  minutes
     - Ferry (Ceiba to Culebra):  1 hour 30 minutes
     - Turtles N' More:   About 1 hour                          

3 - Cancellation Policy

          -Individual Reservations

We understand that emergencies do happen and that is why we have a 48 hour cancellation policy before the day of your scheduled tour. You have the freedom to change dates or cancel the reservation at any point 48 hours before the scheduled start time without penalty. There will be a 50% per person penalty if you cancel your reservation between 24-48 hours before the scheduled start time of your tour on every Turtles N' More 1 & 2.  For Turtles N' More 3 a 100% charge will apply for any cancellation received within 48 hours (airline requirements). If you cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time of your tour, you will be fully charged.


          -Group Reservations

There is a seven (7) day cancellation policy for groups that include ten (10) or more persons.  If you cancel less than seven (7) days before the scheduled start time of your tour, you will be fully charged. 

Our product besides having some fixed costs is of a perishable nature.   Any reserved but unused space will be lost while we may have  turned down other customers by  holding your space.  We are therefore very firm in our cancellation policies.  

We kindly ask that all changes or cancellations be made in writing by email directly to info@CulebraIslandAdventures.com


          -Weather Cancellation Policy

Weather is not always easy to predict in the Caribbean.  Tours that are cancelled due to weather conditions will not be charged.  Culebra Island Adventures makes the final decision if a tour is cancelled. Please contact us with any questions you may have about the weather before not showing up to your scheduled tour.  Kindly note that if the tour starts and you are not present, you will be fully charged.

Please click HERE to see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS 

4 - Do you have a minimum age requirement?

Yes we do.  Guest’s must be of Eight years of age or older.  Guests above 16 years of age or older are considered an adult.  Any guest that is 15 years old or younger must travel with their parents or legal guardian and have written consent from them.

5 - What do we do with our personal things?  Do you have a safe place  to keep them?

Yes, we will provide secure storage for your personal belongings while on tour.

6 - Will you have something to eat or drink on the tour?

Yes, after our tour you will have a chance to enjoy snacks, fresh fruits,  refreshments, and bottled water. So we recommend that you have something to eat before your tour.

7 - How can I get to the Ceiba Ferry Terminal (Roosevelt Roads Base) or Isla Grande Airport in San Juan?
Note estimated  driving  times to Ceiba Terminal below:


     - San Juan, Metropolitan Area – 1 hour 30 minutes
     - Humacao – 35 minutes
     - Rio Grande – 45 minutes
     - Fajardo – 20minutes

8 - Can you provide round-trip transportation to the Ceiba Ferry Terminal?

No.  Suggest you consider any of the following options:


      Option 1 | Call Puerto Rico Transport Service (787-594-2881) for a private transportation service to pick you up at any San Juan/Metro area Hotel and        the town of Rio Grande (Gran Melia, Wyndham Rio Mar Hotels). If you are staying at the El Conquistador Resort we recommend Taxi service.                          Round-trip transportation cost from San Juan Area is $35.00 per person and from Rio Grande Area $25.00 per person. These rates require a                          minimum of 4 persons (for a total of $140 and $80 respectively). Please contact us because we may be able to coordinate the space with other guests          to meet the minimum requirements.  Also, if the minimum requirement of 4 persons is not met, you can pay for the additional spaces that are needed.            Additionally we can provide quotes for groups over 4 persons from either location.


     Option 2 | Another option is to rent a car and follow driving directions on Google maps (search: "Ceiba Ferry Terminal").  


     Options 3 | Hotels could also arrange for a private taxi service, but this options may be costly.

9 - What happens if we miss the tour because the Ferry is delayed?

You will not be charged in the event you miss our tour because PRMTA delays/cancels the trip.  If by any reason you arrive late to Ceiba Ferry Terminal and miss the Ferry, you will be fully charged for the tour as per our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

10 - How else can I get to Culebra without taking the Ferry?

You may consider flying from San Juan or Ceiba with Air Flamenco or Vieques Air Link.

11 - At what time does the Turtles N' More tour start?

Guests arriving on the 9:00 AM ferry (Turntles N' More) will be met at the Culebra Ferry Terminal upon arrival.  Guests that are already in Culebra must be at Tamarindo Beach at 10:30AM for an 11:00AM departure (Note: Subject to Ferry arrival time to Culebra).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



12 - If you have any further questions please contact us:

     -Email : info@CulebraIslandAdventures.com OR Click on the CONTACT TAB to send us an email

     -Telephone : 1 + (787) 529-3536

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