- Culebra Island is approximately 7 miles long and 3.5 miles wide.  Its location is about 17 miles East of Puerto Rico, 12 miles West of St. Thomas and 9 miles North of Vieques.  Almost 2,000 residents call it home and enjoy a warm, dry, tropical weather year-round with temperatures between 70F – 92F.

- It was first called “Little Passage” by the French, Danish & British and later, colonized by the Spanish crown on October 27, 1880.  How it got the name of “Culebra” is still a mystery.  Some say it came from the name of the first settlement in Culebra, which was named in honor of St. Ildefonso de Culebra known as the Bishop of Toledo.

- In February 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt established the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge comprising of portions of the mainland and several of its surrounding cays.

-  An adjacent island, Culebrita, holds what was the oldest operating lighthouse in the Caribbean until 1975 when it was shut down by the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard and later became a historical monument on 1981.  Its construction started on September 25, 1882 and it was inaugurated on February 25, 1886.

- Culebra is a U.S. Territory, no passport is required.  Local languages are Spanish & English and the local economy moves with U.S. currency.

- Culebra has several hotels and guest houses to accommodate your stay, numerous restaurants to entice your palette and a car rental or taxis to facilitate your transportation in the island.

- Culebra is a secure, calm and relaxed destination where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and pristine , secluded beaches, one being the world famous Flamenco beach, considered one of the “Top 10 Beaches in the World” by The Travel Channel.

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